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We’re Javier and Marissa - the power couple behind The Practice Revolution

With over a decade of combined experience in the health and fitness industries, we’re here to guide health professionals and wellness coaches to create more income and impact by growing their own private practice. 

How we’re different

Industry experts and high-caliber coaches helping you build an online health or wellness business on your terms

As a PT and RD dynamic duo, we bring a wealth of subject-matter knowledge, strategic business connections, and insights about the health industry. This is invaluable for our referral partners and clients who are new or emerging dietitians and certified nutrition coaches like you. 

And as successful business owners ourselves, we know how to amplify your strengths to attract the right kind of clients without stretching yourself thin.

You don’t have to show up on every social media platform, sell in the DMs, or burn out trying to sell a low-cost membership. 

Our proven method - The Freedom Formula - can be adapted to the type of business you want to build. And we’re improving it consistently by continuing to invest in ourselves to expand our skill sets. So if you want to learn from coaches who are invested in your success, make you feel seen, and walk the talk, you’re in the right place.

Just like you, we care about transforming the healthcare system from the inside out

We believe that you were put on this world to impact others. That’s why we’re here to empower 10,000 registered dietitians and certified nutrition coaches to start an aligned private practice where they can better care for their patients, their communities, and themselves. After all, the system is as strong - as resilient - as the people in it.


We understand that exhaustion, burnout, and empathy fatigue are inevitable in a public healthcare role 

We’ve been where you are - purpose-driven, big-hearted healthcare professionals who desire to serve but feel undervalued by the system.

We wanted more freedom and flexibility to take the best care of our patients and have a healthy work-life balance. But that felt impossible to achieve in our current roles. 

We were underpaid and felt like a slave to our jobs. Working in the healthcare system often felt like a hazard to our own well-being and a dreaded bottleneck for our retirement plans, and we were constantly looking for a way out. During this time, the people we looked up to the most were entrepreneurs: they always seemed more energetic and fulfilled because they were calling the shots at work and in their lives.

This inspired us to take a leap of faith.

Starting & growing our private practice and diving into the world of entrepreneurship was a total game changer.

In 2012, we started our private practices in Miami, while working at our respective 9-5 jobs. After a couple of years, we moved to Tampa and went full-time in our businesses. And guess what?

Within a few short months, Marissa had established herself as THE go-to dietitian in Tampa by strategically leveraging referrals. Javier’s business was growing, too - he had partnered up with his mentor to start an outpatient facility and grew a brand new clinic from the ground up to $25K per month in less than 8 months.

As our businesses grew, so did our confidence, impact, and level of influence. The business and the lifestyle we had built FINALLY felt fulfilling.

This was our life before the Covid-19 pandemic shook everything up. That’s entrepreneurship, isn’t it? Change is the only constant. 

This was the nudge - we knew we had to switch things up if we wanted to stay relevant and profitable.

That’s when The Practice Revolution was born

We already had a decade of experience growing and scaling our private practices offline, and we knew we could pivot and establish ourselves as industry experts in the online space as well. 

Over the past couple of years, The Practice Revolution has evolved to be the go-to health & wellness coaching ecosystem for health professionals and wellness coaches who want to leverage their expert edge and skyrocket their business growth through high-impact organic marketing strategies. 

As a family, we’re living our best, purpose-driven lives with more freedom, flexibility, and joy than we ever imagined. 

Are you with us?

Join the Clinical Freedom Fighter movement and get the career of your dreams

No more intrusive schedules or bosses who don’t get your big vision. You deserve to do what you love from a place of freedom and flexibility - while making way more money and impacting more lives.

Things that truly matter to us

1. We set audacious goals and take action

We open your eyes to the possibilities and make you feel like you can do anything as long as you take action. Everyone on our team cares for our clients and wants to help you reach your goals.

2. We are on this adventure together

You're not just a "number" in our program. We always provide value keeping your best interests in mind.

3. We create products & programs we believe in

We wholeheartedly believe in our products and services. We teach the exact frameworks and systems we’ve used to generate over 6 figures in business. We know they’re top-notch because we’re continuously investing in ourselves, which helps us bring the most up-to-date information and business strategies to our clients. 

4. We are here to make a positive difference in healthcare

The healthcare system needs improvement, and the only way to do that is to commit to changing it ourselves. We are on a mission to support a new generation of nutrition entrepreneurs who can ethically practice without boundaries or limitations set by their employers.

5. We are enthusiastic and like to have fun!

Our team always radiates positive energy because we believe that “like attracts like.” If you're deliberate about what you focus on in your life, you will attract that energy and have an outcome to match your desires. And this isn’t your boring ol’ school setting- we’re here to make learning fun. We believe the best way to retain information is to cultivate curiosity and take action while keeping an open mind. 

6. We respect and encourage people

Entrepreneurship takes grit, and we’re here to show up as trusted guides and cheerleaders for our clients. We believe that meeting them where they are makes them feel seen, and feeling seen motivates them to do better.

7. We never stop learning and growing

We are 100% committed to success in life and business. Because of that, we are consistently investing in ourselves and investing in mentorship. We surround ourselves with like-minded individuals, network with other entrepreneurs, and always look for growth opportunities.

8. We are invested in your success

Our favorite moments are when clients share their wins with us, and it fills us up to know that we were a part of their journey to make it happen.

9. We provide a safe space

Our clients are not afraid to share their feelings. We encourage them to share and express themselves, and they value our approach. We are always open and honest with them.

It’s time to tune out the self-doubt, ditch the golden handcuffs of clinic life, and build the private practice you’ve always wanted. 

Meet the team

Dr. Javier A. Carlin, DPT, CSCS

Co-founder, Health Business Mentor

Javier A. Carlin is a Doctor of Physical Therapy by training and an entrepreneur at heart specializing in organic marketing and sales strategies. As clinic director, he grew an outpatient PT clinic up to 80 visits per week within just a few short months of opening the practice.

He is passionate about helping new and emerging health & wellness experts build a profitable private practice that works for their lifestyle and income goals.  

Marissa Carlin, MS, RD, LDN

Co-founder, Health Business Mentor

Marissa Carlin is a Registered Dietitian who always dreamed of having her own private practice. Even though her professors discouraged her from walking that path, she took a leap of faith after working as a clinical dietitian for six years. After feeling burnt out, she quit her stable job, moved to a new city, invested in mentorship, and started her private practice from scratch. Soon Marissa was able to establish herself as THE go-to dietitian in her new city through word-of-mouth marketing techniques. 

Kayleigh Caito, RD

Head Coach & Director of Operations

Alayna Zenger

Client Success Director

Annie Cowden

Success Advisor

Lyvia Zenger

Client Success Assistant

Erica Hill

Technology & Systems Support

Elma Devesfruto

Executive Virtual Assistant

Our Mission

We’re on a mission to help registered dietitians and certified nutrition coaches build + scale their private practice to increase their income and impact. Get ready to build the career you’ve always wanted, while inviting more freedom and flexibility into your life.

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